Professional Cake Decorators Icing

This is the same recipe I have used for the past 20 years. It is broken down for home use.Professional Cake Decorators Icing


Powder Sugar: 2 pounds sifted

High Ratio Shortening: 1 cup ( you can use Crisco as well but it is not as good as using high ratio shortening for stability and smoothness)

Salt 1/4 tsp

Water: approximately 1/2 cup. You may need a bit more but start with 1/2 cup

Butter Flavor 1/4 tsp

Clear Vanilla 1/4 tsp

Almond Flavor 1/8 tsp

Make Up Procedure:

Using a stand mixer, with the paddle hook, cream together the powder sugar and shortening.

Slowly begin to incorporate the water into the mix.

Add salt and flavorings.

Mix on high speed for about 5-7 minutes

Mix on low speed for approximately 10 more minutes.” This will insure a smooth and fluffy yet stable decorators icing.”

Watch The Video Here 🙂

NOTE… Please Disregard the Statement on the Video that says “I meant to say 1/2 cup… You Will Use,

1 Cup Shortening for 2lbs of Powder Sugar. If it is really warm in your kitchen or outside, you can cut back on the shortening a bit. Different elevations and temperatures can cause different outcomes if you are using the Crisco shortening. I still recommend High Ratio shortening for Cake Decorating purposes. It just holds better.

My Personal Recommendation For Stand Mixers!

Looking for High Ratio Shortening?

High Ratio ShorteningHi-Ratio Shortening, 3 lbs.

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30 comments to Professional Cake Decorators Icing

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  • Stephanie

    I just wanted to know how the make a chocolate version of the decorator icing?

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  • Great content Thank you for recipe

  • Michelle

    now that crisco changed their recipe to have 0 trans fat, will criso still work??

  • Crisco still works but we really prefer to use high ratio shortening. Hi-Ratio Shortening, 3 lbs.

  • vanessa osei

    pls teach me how to prepare red icing cuz i love yhis progeam it has been part of me

  • Katrina

    No butter???

  • No butter in this recipe. This is a recipe for very sturdy icing that will hold up. The taste is incredible and your roses and figure pipe designs will love you for using this recipe.

  • My suggestion for red icing is to use GEL color. I personally love Chef Master colors the best for deep beautiful red without having to use too much at a time.

  • fantsy

    can we used milk instead of water

  • Francine

    Does this taste similar to the whipped icing/frosting many grocery store bakeries use? I am looking for a light flavored recipe, such as the one used on cakes in the grocery stores. 🙂

  • Hello Francine, Yes this is a very light and fluffy icing that is stable as well. The formulation here is one that is broken down into a home use recipe for smaller production. The original formula is from a very large production volume formulation that is used in manufacturing.

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  • Terri

    Hello! How much longevity does this recipe have? In other words, if I need to serve the cakes/cupcakes on a Saturday, will the icing keep it’s consistency, etc if I make it a day or two ahead of time? Also, how much does this recipe yield? I need to cover/decorate a six-inch cake and ice about 30 cupcakes. I would love to hear your input. Thanks so much!

  • Jill

    To anyone making this- my husband and I made it, but her instructions are a little off- especially if you are using the Crisco. She say’s in the ingredient list and in the video you need 1 cup of shortening or Crisco. Later in the video she uses the Crisco block that come in a 3 pack. This is also what we had and they are measured on the package as 1 cup each. She has a note in the video that she meant to say the blocks were a 1/2 cup each (meaning she actually uses 2 blocks for the recipe, and according the packaging of Crisco that would mean she’s using 2 cups) The first time we tried this recipe, we didn’t catch the error. It was a flop and then we noticed and tried again. After using the 2, 1 cup sticks of Crisco it came out perfectly. We added a little more almond extract and it ended up being exactly what we were looking for.

  • Thanks Jill,
    Yep, sometimes doing the video tutorials can get crazy. Thank you for your comment and letting folks know your experience. The icing is my favorite. I broke the formula down for home use and smaller batches.This was originally a formula we used in large manufacturing years ago with High Ratio Shortening.

    Thanks again for your comment. 🙂

  • Debbie Jackson

    I’m a bit confused…Jill says she and her husband used 2 of the Crisco baking sticks. Is that correct. It seems like a lot to me…I made the recipe this afternoon with one stick Crisco as stated in recipe and the video. My version seems to be oozing shortening and looks a bit oily on top. Wouldn’t 2 sticks make that worse. Want to use this for a birthday cake order I have but want to make sure on this before I make another batch so I don’t waste ingredients and money. Thanks for your help.

  • Nita

    I am just wandering does the recipe take 1 cup of hi-ratio shortening or 2 cups? The recipe states above to use 1 cup but the comment above says you used 2 cups. Just wandering so that I will know the exact amount you used in the video. Thanks 🙂

  • Heather

    So then do you use 1 cup or 2 cups of shortening??

  • Hello Heather, So sorry for the delay in responding. It is 1 cup of shortening if you are using 2 lbs of powder sugar.
    Super sorry about the confusion on the video. The recipe is on the page.

    Stay well : )

  • Hell Nita, Late responding to everyone.
    Use 1 cup of shortening for the 2 lbs of powder sugar. If you cut the recipe in half you would use 1/2 cup shortening to 1 lb of powder sugar.
    Yep, I totally confused folks with the pop up comment on the video. Arrrg… Big mistake on that one.

    Stay well : )

  • Hello Debbie, Super sorry about responding to everyone so late…
    1 cup of shortening to 2 lbs of powder sugar.

    If you need to cut back on shortening a bit you can.
    The thing about using crisco verses the high ratio, is it will not hold as well as high ratio.

    I am not sure how Jill had success with 2 sticks. That would be pretty oily.

    Did you use the 2 lbs of powder sugar? Also, you really have to let it mix for the full 10 minutes at the end or it will not incorporate as nicely.

    Stay well. : )

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