Red White and Blueberries Push Pop Cake

This Push Pop Cake is in honor of Independence Day to celebrate with on the 4th of July!

We’re calling this one our Red, White and Blueberries Push Pop Cake…

Red Whit and Blueberries Push Pop CakeCelebrating the 4th of July has never been tastier.

This layered Push Pop Cake is full of yummy raspberries and blueberries surrounded with french vanilla cake and delicious buttercream icing.

We used buttercream icing instead of whip cream we could enjoy them outside without being concerned they would melt in the heat.

Of course we found they get gobbled up pretty darn fast so the whip cream may have made it before the heat got to them 🙂



What you will need to create your own Push Up Pop Cakes:

For Push Pop Cakes, it is best to use a half sheet pan verses a quarter sheet pan. This keeps the height down. “Even in using the half sheet pan you will find that you will want to cut your layers in half for certain push pop cake ideas you come up with.”

How to Prepare the Push Pop Cakes:

Pre bake your cake in a half sheet pan. Be certain to level out your cake batter so it is even before placing in the oven to bake.

Half Sheet Cake with Batter Being Poured Into It

You should have a good even bake shown here:

Push Pop Cake Half Sheet Layer

Shown here we used the Push Pop Container to cut out perfect circles to use in the push pop cake.

Push Pop Cake Cut Out

Make several at a time you will have many push pop cake circles to work with. You can use the excess cake for cake crumbs or to make cake pops with:)

Push Pop Cake Circles Cut Out

Take your Push Pop Cake Container and Assemble it. Start filling it first with icing or whip cream.

Push Pop Cake Contianer being filled with butter cream

Start layering with the cake circles..

Push Pop Cake being layered with buttercream and cake

Continue layering with the fresh berries.

4th of July Berry Filled Push Pop Cake Layers

Top off with butter cream and more raspberries and Blueberries! Use simple syrup to brush over the berries for a shine..

Red Whit and Blueberries Push Pop Cake

HAPPY 4th Of July!!!

You can get the Push Pop Containers Here:

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