Ghost Cupcakes: Three Little Ghosts That Go BOO!

These ghost cupcakes are simple and BOOtiful!

Ghost Cupcakes


I had so many laughs creating these little spirits. All of the faces come out with their own expression.

What you will need to create the Ghost Cupcakes:

1 box cake mix

3 eggs

vegetable oil


cupcake pans

cupcake liners

parchment paper or decorating bag

#12 piping tip

candy corn

cake decorators icing

black food color

blue food color

green food color

orange color sugar flakes


Mix and bake cupcakes according to cake mix directions

When cupcakes have cooled, ice the top with cake decorators icing

Start piping ghost figures using the #12 decorating tip.


Mix black colored icing and pipe on the ghost eyes and mouth.  You can use parchment paper with or without a tip. I like to just cut a tiny tip for these.

Fill the ghost eyes with blue colored icing. Write Boo, or anything you want. If your creating these for a party it’s a cute idea to put the guests names on the cupcakes! Insert a couple of pieces of candy corn and sprinkle orange color sugar flakes on the cupcake.

Finish off by piping some green grass around the base of the ghosts.

Have fun with these! They are easy to do and are great for a family  cupcake project.

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