Easy Snowman Cupcakes

Christmas snowman cupcake with orange fondant nose and green earmuff

Super Easy Snowman Cupcakes!

This cute snowman cupcake is super easy to create.

All you need are some cupcakes, cake icing, black piping gel and a bit of humor.

The nose for this easy snowman cupcake is made from orange colored fondant but you can use regular cake icing if you prefer.

These snowman . . . → Read More: Easy Snowman Cupcakes

Maraschino Cherry Bomb Cake Balls For Christmas!

Christmas Cake Balls

These Maraschino Cherry Cake Balls Are Off The Hook!

Chocolate, Coconut, Maraschino Cherries and more chocolate…

If you love chocolate, coconut and cherry, you will flip over these cake balls for Christmas. I have to say this is so far my favorite cake ball creation. The flavors are very rich and decadent.

Warning: If you . . . → Read More: Maraschino Cherry Bomb Cake Balls For Christmas!

Baby Jesus and Angel Cupcake.

baby Jesus and angel cupcake

The Reason For The Season:

This cupcake was made in honor of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I mean, this IS what Christmas is all about right?

I had a lot of fun making this but also was continually reminded as I was doing my best to craft the baby Jesus and Angel . . . → Read More: Baby Jesus and Angel Cupcake.

Santa Cupcake Dipped in White Chocolate

Santa Cupcake Dipped in White Chocolate with Christmas Sprinkles

Yummy White Chocolate Santa Cupcakes!

Alright gang, this Santa cupcake is a 4 step process. It does take some time to do them but the cupcakes are flipping delicious.

The process used here to decorate these Santa cupcakes are pretty much the same process used in the mini butterfly cupcakes dipped in chocolate.

These . . . → Read More: Santa Cupcake Dipped in White Chocolate

Reindeer Cupcakes With Chocolate Antlers!

Reindeer cupcake figure piped with chocolate antlers

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Would Approve of This Cute Reindeer Cupcake:

This little reindeer cupcake is figure piped from tasty cake decorators icing. It sports chocolate antlers and is just a great Christmas cupcake to set the stage’ for Santa and his sleigh.

His big red nose is made from hot tamale candies and . . . → Read More: Reindeer Cupcakes With Chocolate Antlers!

Tall Christmas Tree Cupcake

Christmas Tree Cupcake with Waffle Cone

Elegant and Simple Tall Christmas Tree Cupcakes!

This Christmas tree cupcake is made using a waffle cone and just enough yummy pro cake decorators icing…

The skill level on the tall Christmas tree cupcakes using the waffle cones is set at Super Easy! Only a few items need for these pretty and tasty Christmas . . . → Read More: Tall Christmas Tree Cupcake

Sassy Snowman Cupcakes

Cupcake With Two Snowmen Figure Piped on Top

These Snowman Cupcakes Are Cupcake # 4 in…

“The 25 Days of Christmas Cupcakes Challenge”


Frosty the Snowman is an all time favorite of mine from my childhood. So jolly and fun to watch. I still love watching the frosty cartoons when Christmas is near. It just fills my heart up with wonder . . . → Read More: Sassy Snowman Cupcakes

Santa Cupcakes Figure Piped!

Santa Face Cupcake

The Figured Piped Santa Cupcakes are # 3 in…. “The 25 Days Of Christmas Cupcakes Challenge”

Santa Would Be Proud, But I wouldn’t leave these for him on Christmas Eve..

These jolly Santa cupcakes are easy to do. I give them a skill level of


The Santa head is . . . → Read More: Santa Cupcakes Figure Piped!

Christmas Tree Cupcakes Figure Piped

Christmas Tree Cupcake Figure Piped With Cake Decorators Icing

The “figure piped” Christmas Tree cupcake is cupcake #2 in… “The 25 Days Of Christmas Cupcakes Challenge”


Yummy Yummy Yummy… and Oh So Easy!!

So simple and easy to make, these darling Christmas tree cupcakes are sure give your family and friends a smile. If your one those that LOVE icing, this . . . → Read More: Christmas Tree Cupcakes Figure Piped

Cornucopia Cupcakes Using Fondant

Cornucopia Cupcake Made From Fondant

The Cornucopia Cupcake is Cupcake #1 in… “The 25 Days of Christmas Cupcakes Challenge!”

I chose the Cornucopia cupcake since we are still about a week before Thanksgiving. It seemed appropriate.

This cornucopia cupcake topper is made with fondant and a whole lot of love!

Keep your eyes peeled because I will be showing you . . . → Read More: Cornucopia Cupcakes Using Fondant

Oh The Cupcakes!

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