South Korea Valentine Cupcakes

Valentine Cupcakes South Korea

Valentine cupcake toppers South Korea style!

Kimberly McAfee is at it again with a very cool display of cupcake toppers for Valentine cupcakes with a South Korea theme.

I love her style and also the fact that she gives us all an education on how South Korea celebrates Valentines Day.. Well a couple of month’s . . . → Read More: South Korea Valentine Cupcakes

Featured Cupcake Artist: Kimberly McAfee

Fondant Cupcakes with Fondant Faces

Kimberly McAfee: “Featuring The Superstar Cupcake Faces”

How cute are these little Super Star Cupcakes?

I love the detail in the faces, the rosey colored cheeks really set them off and the fondant stars behind the faces are just terrific, giving each name and person attached to the names validity of being a super . . . → Read More: Featured Cupcake Artist: Kimberly McAfee

Featured Cupake Artist: Denise Pandey

Napa Valley Cupcakes

Denise Pandey: Featuring “The Napa Valley Cupcakes”

Napa Valley is a special place on earth that brings warmth and beauty to the soul.

Miles of heavenly grape vines paint the landscape and set the stage for some of the most incredible wine to be born. Denise Pandey’s vision of the grapes and leafs are . . . → Read More: Featured Cupake Artist: Denise Pandey

Featured Cupcake Artist: Lori Arpey

Bumble Bee Cupcakes By Lori Arpey

Lori Arpey: Featuring Her Beautiful Bumble Bee Cupcakes!

These adorable little Bumble Bee Cupcakes are just so sweet and colorful.

Bumble Bee Cupcakes by Lori Arpey

I’ve been keeping up with Lori and the progression of her work. She is new to fondant creations and is knocking it out of the ball . . . → Read More: Featured Cupcake Artist: Lori Arpey

Featured Cupcake Artist: Leora Tius

Fondant Flowers Cupcake

Talk About Talent And Style!

Leora Tius has an eye for perfection and style. Her detail in her work is fantastic. Simple and elegant come to mind when viewing these creative and colorful cupcakes she create.

While Leora has only been a cake decorator a few years, she has hit home with her unique . . . → Read More: Featured Cupcake Artist: Leora Tius

Featured Cupcake Artist: Karen Argyle

Alice In Wonderland Cupcakes

Who is this new cake and cupcake artist?

It’s Karen Argyle. My first view of Karen’s cupcake art was on our Facebook Fanpage. Karen was simply sharing her cupcake pictures with the other fans and pretty much stopped me in my tracks. Here’s the really interesting story behind this talented woman.

SHE . . . → Read More: Featured Cupcake Artist: Karen Argyle

Sugarbloom Cupcakes Review

Image by Sugarbloom Bev ;o) via Flickr

Sugarbloom Cupcakes are nothing short of amazing. I found this site while looking at pictures to use for a different article I was writing but was stopped dead in my cupcake tracks when I discovered this talented cake artist.

Cupcake and Cake Artist: Bev Perry a.k.a. Bev . . . → Read More: Sugarbloom Cupcakes Review

Oh The Cupcakes!

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