Featured Cupcake Artist: Karen Argyle

Who is this new cake and cupcake artist?

Nautical Cupcakes With Life Savers and Anchors It’s Karen Argyle. My first view of Karen’s cupcake art was on our Facebook Fanpage. Karen was simply sharing her cupcake pictures with the other fans and pretty much stopped me in my tracks. Here’s the really interesting story behind this talented woman.


I had to feature this wonder… I am totally blown away at her high level skill in cake decorating. It is obvious from her beautiful work with an apparent attention to detail that this is a talent she was born with and just woke up to it. Simply remarkable. So I have made my remark on Karen and her cupcakes!

Here is Karen’s story in her own words. Again, Amazing!

I decorated my very first cake in August this year when my god-daughter asked me for a Tiffany box cake for her 21st birthday.
I was quite nervous about making it because I’d never decorated a cake before. I’ve never had lessons, but I Googled and You-Tubed
and found lots of info, tips and ideas. It turned out great and was a big hit at the party. I had so much fun making it that I did a cake for a friend’s birthday the next week. I also found out that cake decorating is very addictive…LOL

My adventures with cupcakes began a couple of weeks later when I was asked to make some for a baby shower, and I made cupcakes with baby booties and bibs on them. They also were a big hit with everyone there.

I now make cupcakes and cakes at least twice a week  and I love my new found talent. With lots of support and encouragement from family and friends I am now starting my own small business called “Kake Krumbs by Karen.”

Here are just a few examples of Karen’s Killer Cupcakes:

Keep your eyes peeled, as we will be giving a full post on each one of these works of art in different Categories on our site. She Totally deserves some free real estate here and we are honored to have her work on our site:)

Alice In Wonderland CupcakesFarm Animal CupcakesPanda Bear Cupcakes

Here Is The Link To Kake Krumbs Fan Page!

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