Food Network’s Cupcake Wars Winner: Dorothy Tong Gets Featured On Decorated Cupcake Ideas

Food Network’s Cupcake Wars Winner, Dorothy Tong, is one cupcake queen to pay attention to. Dorothy is the owner of L.A. based Cupcake and Cookie. Her cupcake ideas are as unique as her special way of delivering them to her adoring fans.

Cupcake Wars Winner Dorothy Tong. Owner of Cupcake and Cookie L.A.
Featured Artist On Decorated Cupcake Ideas!
Dorothy captures the hearts of of both young and old with her fairytale costumes upon arrival with her sweet treats in hand.

Her concepts in both creating wonderful food art and her twist on delivering the tasty cakes and cookies are a class act.

Ms. Tong is no newbie to the food scene. Dorothy shares her story on how she started a baking club on campus where she and her pals taught each other how to bake and also taught the local community how to bake by having cooking demonstrations at local grocery stores.

Her “Food Network Cupcake Wars” audition video is priceless and fit for both a princess and her devilish twin.

Dorothy Tong’s “Cupcake Wars” Audition Video:

This is one great cupcake idea!

Hot Fudge Sundea Cookie Cupcake These cupcakes are so clever…

Shown here are Dorothy’s “Hot Fudge Sundea Cookie Filled Cupcakes”

These are a melt in your mouth vanilla cake filled with a fudge cookie and finished with creamy vanilla frosting, hot fudge, and a cherry on top.

So here’s the really cool deal about Cupcake and Cookie L.A., Dorothy has come up with what I believe will take off like HOTCAKES..

She has created the Cupcake Cookie™ and the Cookie Cupcake™

Dorothy Tongs Story:

I have been baking and decorating cupcakes for as long as I can remember!  I have never liked eating meat or vegetables, so one day my parents got fed up of my picky eating habits and told me that if I wasn’t going to eat the food they made, then I would have to make my own food.  So I did!

I taught myself to make everything I love to eat: cupcakes, cookies, ice-cream, pastries, candy… and now I own my own dessert business, Cupcake & Cookie!  We were in business for less than a month when we were named the winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars!

At Cupcake & Cookie we are dedicated to innovative desserts, and specialized in our trademarked cupcake filled cookies, and cookie filled cupcakes!  For example, for Valentine’s Day we offered red velvet cupcakes filled with heart shaped cheesecake cookie bars so when you cut into the cupcake you see a heart.  Also, we do all of our local cupcake deliveries dressed as princesses to make it more fun

To learn more about Dorothy, you can visit her on her FaceBook Page as well as her blog site at

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