Turkey Cupcakes For Thanksgiving!

Turkey Cupcakes With Figure Piped Turkey Body and Feathers

Turkey Cupcakes You Will Gobble Up!

Here come the fun holidays with great cupcake ideas for them. Thanksgiving is such a warm and wonderful time for family gatherings and thoughts of gratitude.

I am personally thankful this year to be able to share my knowledge in cake decorating with you all as well as learn . . . → Read More: Turkey Cupcakes For Thanksgiving!

Top 3 Cake Decorating Video and DVD Classes

Yummy Arts Video

My Personal Top 3 Cake Decorating Picks For Cake Decorating Videos and DVDs

If your anything like me, you spend a ton of time looking for the best videos you can find on cake decorating.

I decided to give my personal top 3 picks for what I believe are the best ones to invest time . . . → Read More: Top 3 Cake Decorating Video and DVD Classes

Sugarbloom Cupcakes Review

Image by Sugarbloom Bev ;o) via Flickr

Sugarbloom Cupcakes are nothing short of amazing. I found this site while looking at pictures to use for a different article I was writing but was stopped dead in my cupcake tracks when I discovered this talented cake artist.

Cupcake and Cake Artist: Bev Perry a.k.a. Bev . . . → Read More: Sugarbloom Cupcakes Review

Oh The Cupcakes!

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