Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

These heart shaped measuring spoons are so pretty!

I was looking for something really cool for my Valentine cupcake videos and just ran across these at amazon

I saw these earlier this year at an apple farm in North Georgia but they were more expensive. I wanted to do a search online to see if I could find them for less and I just did.. So, I thought I would let you all know about them.

There are other styles as well but these are perfect for valentine gifts either for yourself or for one of your baking pals.

Ganz Measuring Spoons Set – Love

The manufacturer is Ganz so you know they are really good quality. There are some less expensive heart shaped measuring spoons out there but they are really low in quality and just kind of cheap looking.

I read the reviews on the Ganz measuring spoons and they are really great. Most of them 5 stars. There was one that stated she found them for less but I think she is mistaken. Check for yourself though.

I also really like the butterfly measuring spoons and the cupcake measuring spoons. They are all equally pretty.

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