Butterfly Cupcakes Using Wonka Gummies

We found these cute butterfly “gummies” and used them to decorate our vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing. Sometimes the most simple cupcake idea can be so pretty and elegant. We also used a lace cupcake wrapper made by Wilton to give it some flair.

Butterfly Cupcake Using Wonka Gummie'sHow Long Did These Take To Decorate?

Oh, about 30 seconds for each one. That is of course giving extra time to eat a couple of the gummies while we were decorating the tasty little vanilla cakes!

Were Did We Get The Butterfly Gummie’s?

We found the Wonka butterfly gummies at our local “Publix” grocery store. They are located in the check out isle. They are actually called

“Wonka Whipped Wingers” and have 4 different winged creatures including butterfly’s, ladybugs, dragonfly’s and bees. They are all cute and we will do a complete photo shoot using them all in the near future.

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