4th Of July Cupcake Ideas

4th of July cupcakes
Image by alicia rae via Flickr

These cute 4th of July cupcakes will be a great addition to your Independence day celebration!

Red, White and Blue colored cake batter is used to create these vanilla flavored cupcakes.

Simple paper baking cups are used to bake the cupcakes in. This is just a really neat idea that is fast and easy for your 4rth of July party.

We found this Idea  via flicker. The pictures were sent  by Alicia Rea. Great jop on these Alicia!

You can imagine how creative you can get with this wonderful and colorful idea for your own cupcakes!

Here is a shot of the finished  cupcakes, with red,white and blue sprinkles.

4th of July cupcakes

Image by alicia rae via Flickr

We also found quite a few other cupcakes for your independence day themed cupcakes that we just could not resist.

You may have already seen these but we wanted to showcase them here for you just in case you haven’t.

4th of July cupcake mosaic

Image by kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop) via Flickr

4th of July cupcakes

Image by ginnerobot via Flickr

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