Butterfly Cupcakes Dipped in Chocolate

Butterfly Cupcake Mini

Butterfly Cupcakes are one of my favorites to decorate. I wanted to do something a little different this time so I got this idea to use tiny cookie cutters to cut out the shapes of butterflies from frozen buttercream icing. I then dipped the cupcake in chocolate and topped it off with a chocolate butterfly with simple hand painted wings…

I have included the steps on this post so you can see exactly how I created the layer that the top butterfly is sitting on.

These sweet mini butterfly cupcakes are so much fun to create and are great for butterfly themed parties and are also a cute idea for wedding showers. I will have more decorated cupcake ideas for wedding showers coming up soon…

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What you will need:

  1. baked mini cupcakes
  2. buttercream icing
  3. mini butterfly cookie cutter
  4. spatula
  5. chocolate melts
  6. white chocolate melts
  7. food coloring
  8. scissors
  9. parchment paper
  10. small artist brush
  11. a big smile 🙂

Preparing Your Buttercream Icing:

Line a 1/4 sheet pan with parchment paper and smooth out the buttercream icing to approximately 1/2 inch thick.

Smooth out 1/2 inch thick

Let Set up in Freezer:

Press Butterfly Cookie Cutters into Frozen Buttercream Icing:

butterfly cookie cutter

Butterfly mini cookie cutter

Tip: Make sure your buttercream icing is on the firm side for ease of dipping.

Lift the butterfly cutout with spatula. You may have to re-freeze before doing this if your room temperature is a bit warm.

butterfly cookie cutter

Oh Yeah...All sorts of fun cut outs!

Gently push the buttercream out of the cut out with finger onto your cupcake..

Re-Freeze for Good Measure!

Tip: keep your cupcakes in your cupcake tin for ease of access 🙂

Mini cupcakes in tin

Easy Peasy!

Ready, Set, Dip:

Melt Chocolate in glass dish in your microwave. Or you can use a double boiler if you have one handy.

Remove your cupcakes from the freezer and start dipping. You want to be AS FAST AS YOU CAN but still gentle.

dipping the butterfly cupcake

Now We're Having Fun!

chocolate dipped butterfly cupcake

Now We Are Ready To Decorate!

Making the Base And The Butterfly Wings:

Melt the white chocolate and color it yellow or any color you want for your wings.

White Chocolate

Fill parchment paper with colored chocolate:

#2 decorating tip works well

Pipe Butterfly base wings on to enrobed butterfly base:


You can add feelers on the base also for extra dimention.

Pipe out wings on parchment paper:

butterfly wings out of chocolate

Flip the wings over when dry. The bottom will be the top...

Place the dry chocolate wings on the base attaching them with wet chocolate. It takes just a few seconds to dry.

butterfly cupcake wings

You do not have to have a tip in the parchment to do this.

Putting Grassy Borders On The Levels:

Simply pipe on grassy borders to fill in any imperfections and to create colorful levels…. Green colored Chocolate is used here but you can use buttercream as well.

Butterflycupcake 7

Putting On The Grassy Borders:)

Painting A Simple Design On The Wings:

Use any color food coloring. I watered it down a bit using clear almond flavoring.

Blue Food Coloring To paint With

Blue Food Coloring

Just a simple splash of color on the butterfly wings. We will show you more artsy designs on the next tutorial….

butterfly handpainted

Simple Wings

Finishing off your Butterfly Cupcake Dipped In Chocolate!

Pipe and fill the imperfections on the chocolate enrobed butterfly with pretty leaves, tiny flowers and what ever your imagination tells you to do. Have a blast with this…

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Tiny Butterfly Cupcake Dipped in Chocolate

Tiny Butterfly Cupcake Dipped in Chocolate!

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