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Recently we did a search on Mini Cupcake Designs and were pleasantly surprised to find so many beautiful tiny cupcake creations and works of art on the little cakes in decorative fluted paper cups.

Mini cupcakes have been growing in popularity over the past few years and the designs on them are spectacular to say the least.

Everything from wonderfully simple and elegant to incredible fondant and chocolate molded designs are capturing the true art of decorating cupcakes.

One very popular design we found is the cupcake bouquet shown here. There were many posts in the forums for cake decorators on how to create the bouquets out of the tasty little cupcakes.

We also found many other cool cupcake designs with lots of detail that are just perfect for any occasion.

Fondant Cupcake
Image by Min-bakingproject via Flickr

Fondant decorations on Cupcakes are just so pretty and are a great choice in the summer months verses using chocolate decorations for toppings. There are tons of terrific video tutorials on how to work with rolled fondant for creating the beautiful flowers , bows and just about anything you can imagine.

We created a step by step outline on how to create a mini butterfly cupcake for you as well 🙂 You can just click on the image and go to the Butterfly Cupcake Page!

Tiny Butterfly Cupcake Dipped in Chocolate

Tiny Butterfly Cupcake Dipped in Chocolate!

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