Top 3 Cupcake Books Summer 2012

Looking for the best Cupcake Books for summer?

We’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 we have found and with the best reviews from fellow cake decorators.

The top 3 cupcake books are as follows:

This Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie oh, my! book is filled with so many creative ideas that are just too cute!

You may recognize the authors of the book Karen Tack and Alan Richardson from their other popular books on cupcakes including the very popular “Hello Cupcake” which still sell very well in bookstores as well as on amazon.

This book reflects the same style but with new items to use as well as fun and clever designs. We just love the little sheep on the cover. When you view this book on amazon, you can scroll down the page and get the instructions on how to make the sheep as a gift from the authors. To view this book, you can CLICK the Picture shown here. You can also watch the cute video by clicking on the video link.
Bah Bah Black Sheep Cupcake Video!


We love everything about this book. The Push-up Pops book is filled with unique and beautiful ideas on creating treats using the push pop containers.

In past posts, we have featured this great book and want to make sure we put it in our top 3 cupcake books for 2012.

Since we first reviewed the book, more reviews have come in from folks that have purchased it on the amazon site.

You can get a sneak peak when viewing the details of the book. The ideas in the Push-up Pops book are amazing to look at, easy to create with great instructions and recipes included.

This is a must have for your collection. You can hover over the picture here to view more!


If your looking for cupcake recipes with a booze base, Intoxicated Cupcakes is the book for you. We included this in our top 3 purely because the recipes are unique and well, just fun! Pretty sure you won’t get a buzz from eating them but the flavor of your favorite cocktail in a cupcake is a real crowd pleaser with these fun flavors for adult parties.

The book reviews are great and it looks like just about everyone who has bought this has tried at least a few of the recipes so far.

Hover over the book image to view more : )

While we found several other cupcake books, we felt that these three had the most value all the way around. We like quite a few of the other fantastic cupcake books out there and will post a heads up on any hot off the press new cupcake books and recipes that are unique for this year.

Let us know by commenting, if you have tried any of these top three cupcake books and what your take is one them!


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