Fondant Ghost Cupcakes For Halloween

These Spooktacular ghost cupcakes are made using “rolled fondant”, a couple of pieces of candy and a ton of fun for Halloween!

fondant ghost cupcakes for halloweenThese ghost cupcakes are just a blast to create. The body underneath the rolled fondant ghost sheet is made from just two pieces of candy. A tootsie roll and a candy corn pumpkin head.

The cute little fondant tennis shoes give an extra added bit of flair tho the ghost.

The cupcake itself can be any flavor you like. Of course am a huge fan of chocolate cupcakes so I that was my flavor of choice for the ghost cupcakes.

Who doesn’t like chocolate cupcakes right?

The top of the cupcake base is created by a thin layer of buttercream icing and then topped off with some orangeĀ  colored rolled fondant. These are sure to make your Halloween party a real thriller for everyone! Totally delicious.

How To Create The Fondant Ghost Cupcakes:

What you will need:

  • Pre baked cupcakes
  • Rolled Fondant
  • Candy Corn Pumpkin Heads
  • Large Tootsie Rolls
  • Buttercream Icing
  • Black Food Color
  • Orange Food Color
  • Number 12 cake decorating tip

Instructions and Video on How to Make The Ghosts and Tennis Shoes With Rolled Fondant:

Start out by placing a candy corn pumpkin head on top of a large tootsie roll. You will want to press the pumpkin down a bit to make the two candies stick together. Make sure you keep them upright. You don’t want them learning.

fondant ghost cupcake body using a candy corn pumpkin and a tootsie roll

Roll out a small circle of white rolled fondant approximately 3 inches in circumference. Use just a bit of shortening to grease down your surface.

Using a # 12 cake decorating tip, cut out the ghost eyes and mouth. You will make the cut outs just below the center of the rolled out fondant as shown:

fondant ghost cupcake sheet with eyes cut out using nuber 12 cake decoraten tip

Your ghost sheet should look like the picture here.

fondant ghost cupcake sheet rolled out with eyes and nose cut out

Gently lift the rolled fondant ghost sheet from your work surface and drape it over the candy body mold.

Position the eyes over the orange pumpkin head and the mouth over the tootsie roll as shown here. Work the edges of the fondant ghost sheet so you get a flowing look to it.

fondant ghost sheet draped over ghost body candy mold

Cover your pre baked cupcake first with a thin layer of buttercream icing and lay the orange color fondant circle over the top gently working the edges.

butter cream icing on choclate cake for ghost cupcake

orange rolled fondant on cupcake

Next, cut out a small hole the size of the base of the tootsie roll so you can insert your fondant ghost.

fondant iced cupcake with center cut out to insert fondant ghost body

Insert the fondant ghost into the cut out section of the cupcake. This will keep your ghost in place so it won’t fall off the cupcake:)

fondant ghost being placed on a cupcake

Creating The Fondant Tennis Shoes:.

Take a very small piece of black colored rolled fondant and roll into a small log shape.

fondant tennis shoes for ghost cupcake step 1

Using a toothpick or any tool you like create a bend in the fondant for the dimension of the tennis shoe.

fondant tennis shoe for ghost cupcake step 2

Using a very small piece of white rolled fondant, create the white side trim for the tennis shoes.

You will do this by rolling out a thin log shape and then flatten in down.

white fondant rolled out in thin strip for fondant tennis shoe sole

Gently wrap the the string of rolled fondant around the base of the fondant tennis shoe. Using a wooden skewer, poke a hole in the top of the tennis shoe so you can insert the ghost leg. You will create the ghost leg with a small piece of white fondant.

fondant tennis shoe with white trim on the bottom

Insert the fondant ghost leg into the fondant tennis shoe.

fondant tennis shoe with fondant leg inserted

Finish off the tennis shoe with a white piece of fondant in the crease of the shoe. if you like you can make tiny shoe laces for it.

Insert the shoe with the leg on the cupcake, positioning the leg under the ghost sheet.

fondant ghost cupcake with leg and shoe dangling under the ghost sheet

Repeat with other shoe and leg to finish your cool Ghost Cupcake!

View the Video Below to Watch how to make the Fondant Ghost Cupcakes:

finished fondant ghost cupcake for Halloween
Watch The Video Right Here!

Feel free to share this with all of your friends… Also leave a comment if you have any questions or if you just want to let me know about your own Halloween cupcakes!

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