Bakeshop Favorites Book by Taste of Home

What a beautiful book filled with Bakeshop Favorites.

Taste of Home has published an absolutely gorgeous book titled “Bakeshop Favorites” for baking enthusiasts. I noticed this book for the first time in early December 2014 and knew I just had to have it for my collection of dessert books. I Love everything about the Bakeshop favorites book!

Taste of Home Bake Shop Favorites: 383 Reader Recipes You’ll Love

The book cover really shows off the yummy treats and talk about eye candy for the colors they used in the photo shoot!

The recipes are amazing and of course you can make your own twist on them. I read about 10 reviews on the Bakeshop favorites book on Amazon and only one or two of the reviews out of 26 were kind of picky. Yes, some of the recipes are repeats from other Taste of Home books but this one has what I think are top notch and all put into one nice book. Bakeshop Favorites includes 383 dessert recipes and is a great grab and at a great price on Amazon.

I would love to show you all the images inside of the book but will respect the copyrights on it.

The book stores run around $15.00 to $17.00 each and Amazon Prime has them for about $12.00.

I will be buying more copies of the Bakeshop favorites book for friends and family that love to bake also.

I will of course be posting a few of the recipes as well as I make them. If you are a baking blogger, this book will give you tons of great ideas as well.

Stay well and Happy Baking!


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