Tall Cupcakes With Holly Leaf

How To Make Tall Holly Leaf Cupcakes!

Tall Christmas Cupcake with Holly Leaf

These tall cupcakes are a really cool idea for any time of year. In this post you will learn how to create the tall cupcakes for Christmas with the holly leaf. Of course your imagination is the only extra tool you will need.

A special Thank You to all of you that have written in about these. Also a Big Thank You to Bev O of Sugarbloom for sharing her creative cupcake ideas with us!

What you will need for decorate the tall cupcakes:

Pre-baked cupcakes (regular or mini)

Buttercream Icing

Rolled Fondant

Red Hots

# 4B Wilton Cake Decorating Tip

Instructions On How To Make The Tall Cupcakes:

Using three pre baked cupcakes, you will first remove the cupcake liners.

Using the 4b Wilton cake decorating tip, you will punch out the center of each cupcake so you can fill them with buttercream icing.

Chocolate Cupcake With Center Cut Out Using The Wilton 4b cake decorator tip

FillĀ  the cupcakes with buttercream icing after you have punched the holes out of them.

Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream filling

Next you will stack the cupcakes on top of each other. Spread just a thin layer of the buttercream icing between the layers.

Stacking cupcakes for the tall cupcake

After you have filled and stacked the cupcakes, crumb ice the top and sides of the tall cupcake.

crumb icing the tall cupcake

Next you will place your tall cupcakes in the freezer or fridge to let set up so the icing gets firm and stable for the final coat of buttercream.

You will now start covering your tall cupcake with rolled fondant.

Measure your cupcake first so you can cut out the right size pieces of fondant.

You will measure the height and the length. The height will be approximately 4 inches and the length will be approximately 9 inches if you are creating your tall cupcake using regular size cupcakes. The top piece should be about 3.5 inches in circumference.

The dimensions will be smaller if you are using mini cupcakes.

Measuring Tall Cupcakes

Place top piece of fondant on first allowing some of the fondant to drape over the edges.

fondant on top of tall cupcake

Next, wrap the sheet of fondant around the tall cupcake covering the edges of the top.

fondant wrapped around tall cupcake

Next, cut out strips of green colored fondant for the top and bottom ribbon.

Christmas cupcake green fondant strips

Secure the strips of green fondant to the top and bottom using just a dab of water to hold in place.

Green fondant strips on tall cupcake

Next you will form the Holly leaf using the green fondant by using just a pinch of fondant and shaping it into a tear drop shape.

shaping holly leaf with green fondant

Using a wooden stick, create leaf lines in the leaf for the effect of a holly leaf.

fondant holly leaf design

Attach the leaf’s to the top and side of the tall cupcake using just a bit of water to hold. You will also want to use the stick to press into place for even a better hold.

attaching fondant holly leaf's on tall cupcake using a wooden stick

Next place the Red Hot candy in the center of the leaf.. Embellish the top and bottom borders using red hots or colorful fondant!

holly leaf with red hot cany center on tall cupcake

Here is the Video on How to Create The Tall Cupcakes! Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions.

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