Reindeer Cupcakes With Chocolate Antlers!

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Would Approve of This Cute Reindeer Cupcake:

Reindeer cupcake figure piped with chocolate antlersThis little reindeer cupcake is figure piped from tasty cake decorators icing. It sports chocolate antlers and is just a great Christmas cupcake to set the stage’ for Santa and his sleigh.

His big red nose is made from hot tamale candies and really lights up his cute little face.

This Christmas reindeer cupcake is set at a skill level of medium but it actually very easy to create.

Only a few items are needed to make him and this little reindeer is a great cupcake to have your children help out with. Just keep an eye on the antlers though, kids really can not resist eating them before they go on the reindeer head.

What you will need to make the reindeer cupcake:

  • pre baked cupcakes
  • cake decorators icing Vanilla and Chocolate
  • black icing or piping gel
  • red icing or piping gel
  • blue icing or piping gel
  • melted chocolate for the antlers
  • hot tamale candies for the nose

First Make Your Chocolate Antlers:

Melt down some chocolate and pipe the antlers on a sheet of wax paper:

Melting down Chocolate for reindeer antlers on reindeer cupcake

chocolate reindeer antlers for reindeer cupcakes

How to Figure Pipe the Reindeer Cupcakes:

Start by icing the top of your cupcakes with just a swirl effect using your large start tip.

Vanill iced cupcake for the reindeer cupcake step 1

Next, using a large piping tube, start piping the reindeer head on the cupcake with chocolate flavored icing.

figure piping a reindeer head out of chocolate icing on a cupcake

You will use a heavy pressure keeping your piping bag straight up and moving upwards quickly to form the reindeer head.

piping the front of the reindeer cupcake

Next create the front of the reindeer face using more chocolate icing. Make two small puffs one next to the other for a puffy looking mouth area.

creating a mouth for the reindeer cupcakes

Next, place the chocolate reindeer antlers on the head. One on each side:)

putting chocolate antlers on a reindeer cupcake

Place both antlers on and then cut off an end tip of a hot tamale candy and gently place in center of mouth puffs.

two chocolate antlers on the reindeer cupcakehot tamale candy used for the reindeer cupcakes nose

Next, start creating the mouth and

eyes by outlining first with black icing or piping gel.

oulined reindeer mouth for reindeer cupcake

outlining reindeer eyes for reindeer cupcakes

Fill in the eyes with white icing and then a bit of blue icing.

filling in the reidneer cupcake eyes with white and blue icing

Fill in the mouth with a bit of red icing and this reindeer cupcake is ready to rock.

reindeer cupcake completed with chocolate antlers

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