Featured Cupcake Artist: Karen Argyle

Alice In Wonderland Cupcakes

Who is this new cake and cupcake artist?

It’s Karen Argyle. My first view of Karen’s cupcake art was on our Facebook Fanpage. Karen was simply sharing her cupcake pictures with the other fans and pretty much stopped me in my tracks. Here’s the really interesting story behind this talented woman.

SHE . . . → Read More: Featured Cupcake Artist: Karen Argyle

Butterfinger Cupcakes? Oh Yeah…

One butterfinger cupcake up close

Butterfinger Cupcakes With Crushed Butterfingers On Top.


Simple, Easy, Delicious!

Wondering what to do with those left over butterfingers from Halloween? You got it; Butterfinger cupcakes! These are almost too easy to make and are so yummy nummy for your tummy.

What you need for the Butterfinger cupcakes: 1 box of cake . . . → Read More: Butterfinger Cupcakes? Oh Yeah…

How To Make Corn Syrup Recipe From Scratch


Need To Make Your Own Corn Syrup For Fondant And Other Sweets?

Hey everyone,

Rhonda G. here… I was recently asked by one of my subscribers on what could be used for fondant if there was no corn syrup also known as “kyro syrup” available in certain countries. My best answer to that . . . → Read More: How To Make Corn Syrup Recipe From Scratch

Perfect Brownie Pans For Christmas Gift Giving: Keep One Gift One!

perfect brownie pan display in kitchen

The Perfect Brownie Pan:

I just had to write about these really cool brownie pans I found. I came across these for the first time today and thought hmmm, these are great for Christmas gifts. Oh, and they are inexpensive. You know me, I am a thrifty gal.

I can’t believe I did not see . . . → Read More: Perfect Brownie Pans For Christmas Gift Giving: Keep One Gift One!

Turkey Cupcakes For Thanksgiving!

Turkey Cupcakes With Figure Piped Turkey Body and Feathers

Turkey Cupcakes You Will Gobble Up!

Here come the fun holidays with great cupcake ideas for them. Thanksgiving is such a warm and wonderful time for family gatherings and thoughts of gratitude.

I am personally thankful this year to be able to share my knowledge in cake decorating with you all as well as learn . . . → Read More: Turkey Cupcakes For Thanksgiving!

Orange Cupcakes That Rock

Orange Cake Cupcakes

Awesome Orange Cake Cupcakes You’ll Drool Over!

There are quite a few recipe’s for the tasty orange cake and cupcakes but I put one together that just rocks! I tested several orange cake batter recipe’s and came up with my own little twist to one so I titled them the ORANGE CUPCAKES THAT ROCK…

Here . . . → Read More: Orange Cupcakes That Rock

Top 3 Cake Decorating Video and DVD Classes

Yummy Arts Video

My Personal Top 3 Cake Decorating Picks For Cake Decorating Videos and DVDs

If your anything like me, you spend a ton of time looking for the best videos you can find on cake decorating.

I decided to give my personal top 3 picks for what I believe are the best ones to invest time . . . → Read More: Top 3 Cake Decorating Video and DVD Classes

Bakerella Cake Pops Book On Amazon

Bakerella Book Cover

A Big Congratulations to Bakerella’s Popular New book.

This gal has risen to the top really fast in our little cupcake world.

I am personally a big fan of Bakerella for two reasons.

1. She is really creative with her cupcake and cake pop designs.

2. She seems to be down to earth and lets . . . → Read More: Bakerella Cake Pops Book On Amazon

Tall Cupcakes With Holly Leaf

Tall Christmas Cupcake with Holly Leaf

How To Make Tall Holly Leaf Cupcakes!


These tall cupcakes are a really cool idea for any time of year. In this post you will learn how to create the tall cupcakes for Christmas with the holly leaf. Of course your imagination is the only extra tool you will need.

A special . . . → Read More: Tall Cupcakes With Holly Leaf

Fondant Ghost Cupcakes For Halloween

fondant ghost cupcakes for halloween

These Spooktacular ghost cupcakes are made using “rolled fondant”, a couple of pieces of candy and a ton of fun for Halloween!

These ghost cupcakes are just a blast to create. The body underneath the rolled fondant ghost sheet is made from just two pieces of candy. A tootsie roll and a candy corn pumpkin . . . → Read More: Fondant Ghost Cupcakes For Halloween

Oh The Cupcakes!

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