Cream Cheese Icing

Simple, smooth and creamy; Cream Cheese Icing


(1) 8 oz. package of cream cheese

1/4 cup butter (if you use margarine instead of butter, your icing will not be a stiff)

1 lb powder sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract


mix cream cheese and butter until smooth

add powder sugar 1 cup at a . . . → Read More: Cream Cheese Icing

4th Of July Cupcake Ideas

Image by alicia rae via Flickr

These cute 4th of July cupcakes will be a great addition to your Independence day celebration!

Red, White and Blue colored cake batter is used to create these vanilla flavored cupcakes.

Simple paper baking cups are used to bake the cupcakes in. This is just a really neat . . . → Read More: 4th Of July Cupcake Ideas

Butterfly Cupcakes Using Wonka Gummies

Butterfly Cupcake Using Wonka Gummie's

We found these cute butterfly “gummies” and used them to decorate our vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing. Sometimes the most simple cupcake idea can be so pretty and elegant. We also used a lace cupcake wrapper made by Wilton to give it some flair.

How Long Did These Take To Decorate?

Oh, about 30 . . . → Read More: Butterfly Cupcakes Using Wonka Gummies

Wedding Cupcakes: Are They Taking Over The Traditional Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cupcakes Stand

Wedding cupcakes are fast becoming the new norm for up and coming weddings. While the traditional wedding cake is still the foundation for the special day of wedding vows , the cupcake is now taking over the spotlight on the center of the reception celebration. We found so many beautiful wedding cupcakes that is was . . . → Read More: Wedding Cupcakes: Are They Taking Over The Traditional Wedding Cake?

Sugarbloom Cupcakes Review

Image by Sugarbloom Bev ;o) via Flickr

Sugarbloom Cupcakes are nothing short of amazing. I found this site while looking at pictures to use for a different article I was writing but was stopped dead in my cupcake tracks when I discovered this talented cake artist.

Cupcake and Cake Artist: Bev Perry a.k.a. Bev . . . → Read More: Sugarbloom Cupcakes Review

Mini Cupcake Designs

Image via Wikipedia

Recently we did a search on Mini Cupcake Designs and were pleasantly surprised to find so many beautiful tiny cupcake creations and works of art on the little cakes in decorative fluted paper cups.

Mini cupcakes have been growing in popularity over the past few years and the designs on them . . . → Read More: Mini Cupcake Designs

Butterfly Cupcakes Dipped in Chocolate

Tiny Butterfly Cupcake Dipped in Chocolate

Butterfly Cupcake Mini

Butterfly Cupcakes are one of my favorites to decorate. I wanted to do something a little different this time so I got this idea to use tiny cookie cutters to cut out the shapes of butterflies from frozen buttercream icing. I then dipped the cupcake in chocolate and topped it off . . . → Read More: Butterfly Cupcakes Dipped in Chocolate

Oh The Cupcakes!

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