Marshmallow Skull Cupcakes by Denise Pandey

Marshmallow Skull Cupcakes

by: featured cupcake artist Denise Pandey

How cute are these Marshmallow Skull Cupcakes!

Our friend and returning Featured Cupcake Artist, Denise Pandey created these Halloween Cupcake toppers from fluffy marshmallows.

Denise always has such cool cupcake ideas to share.

These skull cupcakes are easy to create as explained by Denise.

These are chocolate cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting.


I  used melted Wilton Cand melts for the blood.. Just microwave several chips

in a plastic, sealable bag…15 seconds increments until candy is melted.  Just snip

off one small corner and pipe some blood!


A few green sprinkles…


Skulls…Using scissors, Cut a marshmellow in half.  Clip off “jaw” area… Use scissors and snip lengthwise to make the mouth.  Use a toothpick and poke eyes and nose.  Filled these with Disco Dust – edible glitter.   You can use a paint brush and fill with black colored sugar sprinkles too!  One marshmellow makes two skulls! 😉

You can visit Denise on Facebook! Denise’s Sweet Time


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