Santa Cupcakes Figure Piped!

Santa Face Cupcake

The Figured Piped Santa Cupcakes are # 3 in…. “The 25 Days Of Christmas Cupcakes Challenge”

Santa Would Be Proud, But I wouldn’t leave these for him on Christmas Eve..

These jolly Santa cupcakes are easy to do. I give them a skill level of


The Santa head is . . . → Read More: Santa Cupcakes Figure Piped!

Christmas Tree Cupcakes Figure Piped

Christmas Tree Cupcake Figure Piped With Cake Decorators Icing

The “figure piped” Christmas Tree cupcake is cupcake #2 in… “The 25 Days Of Christmas Cupcakes Challenge”


Yummy Yummy Yummy… and Oh So Easy!!

So simple and easy to make, these darling Christmas tree cupcakes are sure give your family and friends a smile. If your one those that LOVE icing, this . . . → Read More: Christmas Tree Cupcakes Figure Piped

Cornucopia Cupcakes Using Fondant

Cornucopia Cupcake Made From Fondant

The Cornucopia Cupcake is Cupcake #1 in… “The 25 Days of Christmas Cupcakes Challenge!”

I chose the Cornucopia cupcake since we are still about a week before Thanksgiving. It seemed appropriate.

This cornucopia cupcake topper is made with fondant and a whole lot of love!

Keep your eyes peeled because I will be showing you . . . → Read More: Cornucopia Cupcakes Using Fondant

Turkey Cupcakes For Thanksgiving!

Turkey Cupcakes With Figure Piped Turkey Body and Feathers

Turkey Cupcakes You Will Gobble Up!

Here come the fun holidays with great cupcake ideas for them. Thanksgiving is such a warm and wonderful time for family gatherings and thoughts of gratitude.

I am personally thankful this year to be able to share my knowledge in cake decorating with you all as well as learn . . . → Read More: Turkey Cupcakes For Thanksgiving!

Tall Cupcakes With Holly Leaf

Tall Christmas Cupcake with Holly Leaf

How To Make Tall Holly Leaf Cupcakes!


These tall cupcakes are a really cool idea for any time of year. In this post you will learn how to create the tall cupcakes for Christmas with the holly leaf. Of course your imagination is the only extra tool you will need.

A special . . . → Read More: Tall Cupcakes With Holly Leaf

Fondant Ghost Cupcakes For Halloween

fondant ghost cupcakes for halloween

These Spooktacular ghost cupcakes are made using “rolled fondant”, a couple of pieces of candy and a ton of fun for Halloween!

These ghost cupcakes are just a blast to create. The body underneath the rolled fondant ghost sheet is made from just two pieces of candy. A tootsie roll and a candy corn pumpkin . . . → Read More: Fondant Ghost Cupcakes For Halloween

Ghost Cupcakes: Three Little Ghosts That Go BOO!

Ghost Cupcakes

These ghost cupcakes are simple and BOOtiful!


I had so many laughs creating these little spirits. All of the faces come out with their own expression.

What you will need to create the Ghost Cupcakes:

1 box cake mix

3 eggs

vegetable oil


cupcake pans

cupcake liners

parchment paper or decorating bag

. . . → Read More: Ghost Cupcakes: Three Little Ghosts That Go BOO!

Halloween Spider Cupcake

Halloween Spider Cupcake

This spooky spider cupcake is perfect for Halloween!

The cupcake is orange flavored and the icing is made with our professional cake decorators icing recipe.

The cute but spooky little eight legged crawler’s body is made from a junior mint so you can eat him before he bites you! Muahahaha..

What you will need to . . . → Read More: Halloween Spider Cupcake

4th Of July Cupcake Ideas

Image by alicia rae via Flickr

These cute 4th of July cupcakes will be a great addition to your Independence day celebration!

Red, White and Blue colored cake batter is used to create these vanilla flavored cupcakes.

Simple paper baking cups are used to bake the cupcakes in. This is just a really neat . . . → Read More: 4th Of July Cupcake Ideas

Oh The Cupcakes!

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