Bee Cupcakes: Feautured Cupcake Artist Allison Turner

Who can’t resist Bee Cupcakes? I can’t. these cute little bee cupcakes are the cupcake art sent to us by our newest featured cupcake artistFeatured Cupcake Artist Badge Allison Turner. I first discovered Allison’s cupcake creations on our Facebook fan page and just fell in love with her fantastic works of cupcake art and clever decorated cupcake ideas.

Allison sent in quite a few incredible pictures of her cupcakes and we will be showing more soon but for this feature we selected the Bee Cupcakes because they just so darn cute…


Bee Cupcakes: by Allison Turner:

Bee Cupcakes

The “Bee Cupcakes” have quite a few elements involved here from what I can see. I was not given the make up procedure on them but my evaluation up close looks like they are vanilla cupcakes with green buttercream icing on top of the cupcake. the pretty flowers look like gumpaste and the bees look like they were crafted from color flow. If you really close, you may see what I think I see which is a cookie behind the bees holding them up? Would love to know what you all see. I will get a hold of miss Allison and ask her exactly how she made these.

For now though I just had to get the article out and to you all so you could see how cute the bees are on these cupcakes!


Allison’s Cake and Cupcake Story:

My name is Allison Turner and my business name is Little Miss Muffins Cakes.  I’m a stay at home mom of 3 boys ages 2, 7 and 12 and I’m a self taught cake decorator.  I’ve been “caking” for about 3 years.  My dream is to open a cake shop and not have to share my house with my ever-growing supply of cake decorating supplies and gadgets!
Allison has many more decorated cupcake ideas to share with you all on her Facebook page!

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