Bakerella Cake Pops Book On Amazon

A Big Congratulations to Bakerella’s Popular New book.

Bakerella Book Cover

This gal has risen to the top really fast in our little cupcake world.

I am personally a big fan of Bakerella for two reasons.

1. She is really creative with her cupcake and cake pop designs.

2. She seems to be down to earth and lets everyone see her for who she really is.

I’ve read her blogs and have been through her entire website. The site is simple and easy to get around on. Her writings are great from a real person that is transparent in her excitement about her accomplishments.

What a breath of fresh air to see someone live their dream, get to rock star status in a category and still be grounded.

If you are wondering what her real name is… It’s Angie Dudley. I would love to see her get her real name out there a bit more. But hey, the Bakerella name is what got Angie in the spotlight. Not to mention Martha Stewart giving a cool boost for her in the media.

You can find the Bakerella Cake Pops book almost everywhere now, however, Amazon has it listed both in the hard cover as well as being able to get it on Kindle. Amazon has a great price on the Cake Pops book at around 11.00 bucks or so. I think if you get the Kindle version it goes down to around 9.00 dollars.

View The Bakerella Book Here

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Where I’ve been… « I was tickled to finally meet you and SO stoked when you remembered me as a Pop Star and gave me a big hug! You’ve earned every accolade, Angie. Thanks SO much for all the sweetness you bring to the world as Bakerella! … Publish Date: 10/12/2010 2:12 Chocolate Adventure Contest « I have a lot of work to do before then, since I live in a dorm, and therefore don’t have an oven, but I will be a baking fiend over thanksgiving and christmas break :] Also, the chance to impress you, Bakerella, and Elizabeth Faulkner … Publish Date: 10/14/2010 0:18

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